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Throughout the course of the 10 Mivtzoim Curriculum, the children will be zoning in on 10 specific mitzvos through the lens of fundamental concepts from the Tanya. They will learn to identify personal connection with the mitzvos and the self-refinement that, when fulfilled properly, the mitzvos achieve. By the end of this session, the children will be able to perform the mitzvos with a sense of mission and a real understanding of what they are doing.

10 Mivtzoim Take Action Curriculum


Each lesson will begin with a short “hook” activity to get the kids intrigued. The activity will befollowed by a video which gives over the main points of the lesson, and the lesson will concludewith a powerful story driving the message of the class home. Once a week, the entire campwill participate in a full, hands-on activity that will bring the concepts learnt that week to life.

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