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Introducing the Silent Disco Headphone Set - the perfect solution for a fun and interactive summer day camp experience. These headphones are designed to provide an immersive istening experience, allowing each camper to enjoy the music and activities without disturbing others. With a comfortable fit, long battery life, and excellent sound quality, these headphones will make your day camp experience more enjoyable and memorable. The set includes a pair of headphones, a charging cable, a transmitter with Bluetooth capabilities, and a microphone for group announcements.
The transmitter also has a microphone, allowing camp leaders to communicate with the listeners. With the ability to connect to any device with Bluetooth, campers can enjoy music from their phone, laptop, or tablet. Enjoy a unique and engaging summer day camp experience with the Silent Disco Headphone Set.

Silent Disco Set - 20 Headphones


Full Silent disco set ready to use.
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